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Worry Man

Worry Man

To relax,
is not the way to live,
to worry-a-way is the actual gig,
don’t get paid for time spent,
on the worry man tracks,
don’t even get paid for,
the brilliance that comes out the worry mans cap,
but societies grasp on the worry mans hands,
builds the other mans empire,
improves the other mans land,
leaves the worry man poor,
with little to no hope,
off the worry mans back,
the other man takes advantage of what the worry man lacks!

By: Kizzewrites


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I Need a Shower

I Need A Shower

When life’s dramas get me down I hop in and wash it off,
The warmth of the water I breath it in exhaling all my troubles out,
What is a metaphor of stream,
that rises to the top,
but as that stream reaches me I let out an internal scream that never stops,

Releasing all my days worries, pains and anxieties.
giving birth to my new found friend the shower who has come to rescue me,
I wash it off,

Knowing bills need to be paid,
I wash it off,
coming home from work after a bad day,
I wash it off,
kids getting on my last nerves,
I wash it off,
having a partner who never learns,
I wash it off,
trying to keep my home spic and span,
I wash it off,

As the wetness rises away all the dirt and grim,
I start to feel relief come over my mind,
telling me every things well be okay,
If I just take some time to sit a pray.

When my boss asks me to do over time,
I wash it off,
After an argument with my moms,
I wash it off,
Feeling like nothing right,
all is wrong,
I wash it off,
When bill collectors keep call’n my home,
I wash it off,

It seems like a shower can never be to long,
I can be in there for hours just washing and singing old school songs,
Troubles seems to fall,
drift down the drain,
I kick them but not fast enough,
hoping they will just go away,
I wash it off,

When I cant get that CS from the BD,
I wash it off,
Losing a loved one,
I know it’s hard,
but temporarily you,
wash it off,
When you try your best,
but still feel like giving up,
wash it off,
You come to the conclusion that this life is not prefect,
but you must never give up,
wash it off,

So that when you step out,
you know what life’s all about,
don’t let life soak in,
cause you’ve washed it out!

On the text message with your girl friend when… GWHG TN COM,
Wash It Off!

By: Kizzewrites

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A Little Advice to my Daughter

A Little Advice to my Daughter


What a ball of joy,

you are to me,

like the day you were born,

letting off that energy,

arriving newly to this world,

eyes big and soaring,

looking at whats new,

you haven’t lost that at all,

your as true as true my little blue,

learning more than words can say,

a bit sassy in your ways,

some words of advice,

I must give to you,

live your life to the fullest,

let nothing stray your path,

and if your feet fall off the track,

get right back up and collect them back!

By: Kizzewrites

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Word Seed

Word Seed


You know what I need,

is someone,

who understands me,


the fact that I need,

to germinate my word seed,

my mind is a conglomerate,

of phrases,

unedited grammar,

and some bullshit,

it’s life on my mind,

issues of the times,

that my tongue spit,

I may work in a convoluted process of steps,

sometimes i get in my own way and trip,

but with thoughts abundant,

I’m able to get back up and run shit,

so I need somebody who understands,

I am,

who I am!

By: Kizzewrites

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Walking on life

Dedicated to someone I use to know…

Automobile Fight!

I walk down the road,
traffic along my side,
I hear buzzing and roaring of life,
in a fight,
zooming by,
It’s a constant hustle,
of multiple situations to contrive.

As air flows threw my lungs,
I breath!

Keeping a continuous stride,
to my step,
I need speed,
gaining more momentive,
it’s all me,
like a horse I break free,
in the steed.

It’s adrenaline,
that pumps threw my vains,
my capillaries expand,
shooting blood to my brain,
Off the wire and on the chain,
I’m not jogging,
I’m running,

On a natural high,
to sustain,
the conditions of commitment,
I maintain.

Nada one, Nada two,
we all in,
come with my on my run,
don’t jog,
feel the pavement,
below your meat,
introduce yourself,
to the concrete,
let the sweat trickle down your brow,
with music in my ear piece,
I feel peace.

I know some of y’all can relate,
it’s like opening the earth,
to let the quake shake,
it’s a reliever on my mind,
it’s the button I push on my life,
bringing forth a moment,
a halt,
to the automobile fight!

By: Kizzewrites

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