Walking off the stress of life!

Well this will be my first poem. Writing for me is such a stress reliever. I find that when I am unable to get the words out from my mouth, they follow so much easier through pen and paper. Although my mind moves faster and I am not allows able to get every idea or thought on the pages, I’m happy with getting them out of my head.

So now I’m going to take a journey with myself and see if I can keep my end of the deal. I’ve decided to post a poem a day for a year. Some poems will be new, some old, some unfinished, some sad, some happy, some thought provoking, some sexually enticed. But they will all be my poems, my thoughts, my words.

365 days of poetry is saying a lot. But it’s not exactly unreachable. I write like a mad man. I have tons of notebooks with poetry, stories, quotes and everyday thoughts scattered around my house. I want to now hone that into one place. My mind could be such a maze and now I just want to paste it together.

So as my journey begins, I hope to explore myself in new ways, challenge my mind and really accomplish something for myself. I am behind 7 days so I need to catch up!

Smooches Kizze’


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