Walking on life

Dedicated to someone I use to know…

Automobile Fight!

I walk down the road,
traffic along my side,
I hear buzzing and roaring of life,
in a fight,
zooming by,
It’s a constant hustle,
of multiple situations to contrive.

As air flows threw my lungs,
I breath!

Keeping a continuous stride,
to my step,
I need speed,
gaining more momentive,
it’s all me,
like a horse I break free,
in the steed.

It’s adrenaline,
that pumps threw my vains,
my capillaries expand,
shooting blood to my brain,
Off the wire and on the chain,
I’m not jogging,
I’m running,

On a natural high,
to sustain,
the conditions of commitment,
I maintain.

Nada one, Nada two,
we all in,
come with my on my run,
don’t jog,
feel the pavement,
below your meat,
introduce yourself,
to the concrete,
let the sweat trickle down your brow,
with music in my ear piece,
I feel peace.

I know some of y’all can relate,
it’s like opening the earth,
to let the quake shake,
it’s a reliever on my mind,
it’s the button I push on my life,
bringing forth a moment,
a halt,
to the automobile fight!

By: Kizzewrites


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