News: Ex-Boyfriend puts up Abortion Billboard.

In New Mexico a man bashes ex-girlfriend in her decision to have an abortion. Mr. Fultz, 35 years-old put up a billboard depicting him and a 2 month old baby. Words on the sign saying “”This Would Have Been A Picture Of My 2-Month Old Baby If The Mother Had Decided To Not KILL Our Child!”

The ex-girlfriend wants the sign down. They have taken it all the way to court. She feels the sign invades her privacy. Mr. Fultz feels it his right to free speech.

In my opinion is he has missed the big picture. The situation shouldn’t have found its way on a billboard. Now if we look a bit deeper, this situation has little to do with the abortion and more to do with communication.

Why, I must ask, if the abortion is true did the woman feel she needed to do it? I have great views on abortion. But I think in this situation you can clearly see that lack of communication. How does the billboard make the situation better? The baby is no longer and now they are in court.

Please, in this day and age can we find some common sense. Is nothing private?

Just to be fair, I understand the hurt that one must have when a baby is lost, but we must look within in ourselves to find why a situation like this might happen. So now that the billboard is up does the man think it will bring the baby back. I think it displays his lack of maturity and maybe an underlined reason why the woman decided to have an abortion.

I don’t think he will be having any babies soon.


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