Poetry: Awaken Mind

Waking up early,

going to bed late,

I’ve got trouble,

shuffling threw the madness,

that stirs my mind awake,

structuring better ideas,

planning new options,

solutions are my goal,

keeping to them my fall,

tumbling, rustlings, turning,

in my covers,


becomes tired,

wanting nothing but rest,

there will be none,

thinkers unresolved,

never sleep,

only nap,

life’s at the door knocking,

wants to come in,

steps seeming to slow,

movements, motion, progress, flow,

aren’t swift enough,

I hear my heart beat,

feeling hurried,


in my mind,

I’m at a still,

I breath in deep,

exhaling back to the motion,

I stand,

as my brain continues to contrive,

sit at my desk,

and publish the thoughts in my mind.

By: Kizze’ 9/16/10


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