So, I got a boppy pillow

Boppy body pillowI recently was able to get my hands on a Boppy body pillow (The exact one in the picture). I was so very excited, because I’m needing the extra love and comfort right now. At night when I’m getting ready for sleep it’s like I’m entering a war zone. My bed is uncomfortable, my pillows are solider of the dark side, and my sheets like to fight with me.

So me and my best friend who is also prego, were talking about boppy pillows and how she had so many pillows on her bed to sleep at night, just to be comfortable. She has one under her butt, one between her legs, one under her back, one behind her head, one levitating her feet, and one scooped up under her belly. (Just a little exaggeration humor) But the girl has a lot of pillows.

So we starting talking about the benefits of a Boppy body pillow. How it’s one big pillow, that reaches from head to toe. You can rest your head, stomach and legs on it all at the same time. So after are conversation I think we were both slobbering over the benefits of having one gigantic “husband” like pillow.

Once I got minds I couldn’t wait to try it. I wanted to unwrap it in the car. But of course I waited until I got home after a long day with my mother and daughter shopping. I went straight to the bed after I grabbed myself something to eat. I unwrapped it put it on the bed and got to working it out. For the first hour I kinda wrestled back and forth with it trying to find the right position. The I grew way to tired gave in and just left it however it was and went to sleep.

Threw the night I tossed and turn with it trying to get the position right, I also have another long body pillow to help give me a little more support. So I had the boppy in the front, the body pillow in the back. Then the body in the front the boppy in the back. I can’t remember what I did but I just said freak it somewhere in there, gave in, and went back to sleep “kinda”.

The next day I decided to looked at the packaging because something wasn’t quiet right about this boppy and I could not figure it out. So when I looked at the pictures to my amazement I had placed it wrong. I thought the pillow was versatile enough that I could put it in just about any position and it would be comfortable. But that is simply not true. So when I put it as described on the package I got a little more relief.

That was several days ago. I still struggle with it a little. But once I get it just right I’m pretty happy. It’s very good when I laying in bed and I fold it in half and put it behind me to prop me up. That is one of the most comfortable positions with the boppy.

So all in all I give the Boppy pillow a 3 out of 5.


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