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Nutrition has gotten a simplier.

Can you remember the days of the nutrition pyramid and not really understanding the logic. Well those days are behind us Today Michele Obama¬† introduced a new icon for nutrition. One that is simplistic and like “duh” how come no one else thought of that in all these years, the “plate”.

When I saw it on the news I couldn’t believe it. Finally we are moving towards simplifying things instead of overwhelming people with a long draw out description of something that would need a lot of explaining. I think the idea is very straight forward and understandable. Now a person can just look at a plate and see what should go on it and about how much, just from the picture alone.

The new graphic is split into four sections: fruits, vegetables, grains and proteins, with a small side of dairy.

This is a positive step forward to teaching children in the future about healthy nutrition. Even a kindergartener can get the picture.

For more information on the new nutrition guide go to >>>


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