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Poetry: Awaken Mind

Waking up early,

going to bed late,

I’ve got trouble,

shuffling threw the madness,

that stirs my mind awake,

structuring better ideas,

planning new options,

solutions are my goal,

keeping to them my fall,

tumbling, rustlings, turning,

in my covers,


becomes tired,

wanting nothing but rest,

there will be none,

thinkers unresolved,

never sleep,

only nap,

life’s at the door knocking,

wants to come in,

steps seeming to slow,

movements, motion, progress, flow,

aren’t swift enough,

I hear my heart beat,

feeling hurried,


in my mind,

I’m at a still,

I breath in deep,

exhaling back to the motion,

I stand,

as my brain continues to contrive,

sit at my desk,

and publish the thoughts in my mind.

By: Kizze’ 9/16/10


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Kizze Talks About: open poetry contest




Submission Date

Submission Address

American Literary Review
June 1 – October 1, 2011
American Literary Review Short Fiction Contest
P.O. Box 311307
University of North Texas
Denton, TX 76203-1307
America Poetry Journal
J. P. Dancing Bear, Editor
The American Poetry Journal
P. O. Box 2080
Aptos, CA 95001-2080.
IMPORTANT: Please make checks payable to:
Dream Horse Press LLC.
Antigonish Review
$600.00 + publication
The Antigonish Review Contest,
Box 5000,
St. Francis Xavier University,
Nova Scotia, Canada,
B2G 2W5.
The 46er Prize for Poetry
$400.00 + publication
Entry fee is $5.00 for one poem, $8.00 for two poems, and $10.00 for three poems.
Philip Levine Prize
$2000.00 + publication
Philip Levine Prize in Poetry
Department of English, Mail Stop PB98
5245 North Backer Avenue,
California State University, Fresno,
Fresno, CA  93740

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Poetry Feature: Kids poetry

Well, I love to read others people poetry. So today I am featuring a website with poetry written by children. Kids’ Turn Central is a website with a variety of topics from cooking, pirates, homework, dinosaurs, babysitting, sports, etc. All things directed towards kids. As I was searching for a feature, I stumbled upon (not the application) this website. Most poems submitted seem to be by teenagers and older.

Poetry whether fiction or non-fiction allows you to see inside someones thoughts. Understand how there mind processes the world. Reading the poems by these kids took me back to when I was a youth and when I started writing poetry at 12. We sometimes forget our youthful spirit. How young we were when we had our first puppy love. How adolescence seemed to be so horrible and how we couldn’t just wait to grow up and create our own path. How innocent and naive we were about the world. And how heart ache made us stronger.

So if you like poetry, take a little time and let these kids take you back in time. When we thought we wanted to grow up so fast but now we can only wish to be a kid again.

I like one poem very much. It reminds me that even as a child you had to create your own hopes and strength. Please enjoy!

The Effort

I hear you tell me nothing can be done,

That I should give up, and not waste my time,

To see that my achievements won’t be won,

Despite any effort put forth of mine.

But I can see the truth, and I know better,

And to have what I want, and to succeed,

That I must see the world and know its weather,

And speak the life it holds beneath the weeds,

But I still hear you tell me, back inside,

That my hopes and dreams will only be lost,

That I cannot do it, so why bother try?

Effort put forth will be more then the cost,

And I yell back, ‘No! I know you are wrong!

If effort is great, the journey’s not long.”

Calm (15), Canada

For more kids poetry: Kids’ Turn Central


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Worry Man

Worry Man

To relax,
is not the way to live,
to worry-a-way is the actual gig,
don’t get paid for time spent,
on the worry man tracks,
don’t even get paid for,
the brilliance that comes out the worry mans cap,
but societies grasp on the worry mans hands,
builds the other mans empire,
improves the other mans land,
leaves the worry man poor,
with little to no hope,
off the worry mans back,
the other man takes advantage of what the worry man lacks!

By: Kizzewrites

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I Need a Shower

I Need A Shower

When life’s dramas get me down I hop in and wash it off,
The warmth of the water I breath it in exhaling all my troubles out,
What is a metaphor of stream,
that rises to the top,
but as that stream reaches me I let out an internal scream that never stops,

Releasing all my days worries, pains and anxieties.
giving birth to my new found friend the shower who has come to rescue me,
I wash it off,

Knowing bills need to be paid,
I wash it off,
coming home from work after a bad day,
I wash it off,
kids getting on my last nerves,
I wash it off,
having a partner who never learns,
I wash it off,
trying to keep my home spic and span,
I wash it off,

As the wetness rises away all the dirt and grim,
I start to feel relief come over my mind,
telling me every things well be okay,
If I just take some time to sit a pray.

When my boss asks me to do over time,
I wash it off,
After an argument with my moms,
I wash it off,
Feeling like nothing right,
all is wrong,
I wash it off,
When bill collectors keep call’n my home,
I wash it off,

It seems like a shower can never be to long,
I can be in there for hours just washing and singing old school songs,
Troubles seems to fall,
drift down the drain,
I kick them but not fast enough,
hoping they will just go away,
I wash it off,

When I cant get that CS from the BD,
I wash it off,
Losing a loved one,
I know it’s hard,
but temporarily you,
wash it off,
When you try your best,
but still feel like giving up,
wash it off,
You come to the conclusion that this life is not prefect,
but you must never give up,
wash it off,

So that when you step out,
you know what life’s all about,
don’t let life soak in,
cause you’ve washed it out!

On the text message with your girl friend when… GWHG TN COM,
Wash It Off!

By: Kizzewrites

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