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Poetry Feature: Kids poetry

Well, I love to read others people poetry. So today I am featuring a website with poetry written by children. Kids’ Turn Central is a website with a variety of topics from cooking, pirates, homework, dinosaurs, babysitting, sports, etc. All things directed towards kids. As I was searching for a feature, I stumbled upon (not the application) this website. Most poems submitted seem to be by teenagers and older.

Poetry whether fiction or non-fiction allows you to see inside someones thoughts. Understand how there mind processes the world. Reading the poems by these kids took me back to when I was a youth and when I started writing poetry at 12. We sometimes forget our youthful spirit. How young we were when we had our first puppy love. How adolescence seemed to be so horrible and how we couldn’t just wait to grow up and create our own path. How innocent and naive we were about the world. And how heart ache made us stronger.

So if you like poetry, take a little time and let these kids take you back in time. When we thought we wanted to grow up so fast but now we can only wish to be a kid again.

I like one poem very much. It reminds me that even as a child you had to create your own hopes and strength. Please enjoy!

The Effort

I hear you tell me nothing can be done,

That I should give up, and not waste my time,

To see that my achievements won’t be won,

Despite any effort put forth of mine.

But I can see the truth, and I know better,

And to have what I want, and to succeed,

That I must see the world and know its weather,

And speak the life it holds beneath the weeds,

But I still hear you tell me, back inside,

That my hopes and dreams will only be lost,

That I cannot do it, so why bother try?

Effort put forth will be more then the cost,

And I yell back, ‘No! I know you are wrong!

If effort is great, the journey’s not long.”

Calm (15), Canada

For more kids poetry: Kids’ Turn Central



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