Cooking and me!

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Cooking well it’s a love hate relationship now. I started cooking when I had my little girl. I guess that is something a mother would do. I would cook out of necessity that my child and finance’ had to eat. Well, it was more him and I since my daughter was just a baby. But I would prepare breakfast, lunch and dinner.

My finance’ would come home and tell me of how jealous the guys at work were looking at his extravagantly prepared lunches. I would say “I just made it from a box!” Which was true. Most meals I prepared were from one box or another. But I never was satisfied with the taste. I would always look on the back to see the ingredients. Little by little I started to substitute real fresh ingredients from the ones in the box, until my palette and flavor combinations no longer needed them.

So now I only make things from scratch. That is my first hate of food. It’s hard for me now to go back to the box and although it has been almost 10 years and I have a lot of recipes down and can quickly get them in and out, I remember the convenience of a box life. The flavors can never compete with minds tho…

Now, I love cooking even tried my hand at culinary school (that another story)… But 3 years ago I moved into this house with the worst kitchen in the world, my old apt had more space then this one. So my hate is that I don’t have enough space to get down and dirty, although I still do. This kitchen makes cooking slow, inconvenient, dangerous and a pain in the ass. So I’m praying that one day soon I’ll get just the right kitchen so that my mind can wonder.  And recipes are where I’ll spend my days.


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