Gardening and me!


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It started some years ago at least five. I stayed in an apartment complex which left no room for living. I had a small patio and in the front a tiny stoop to call my own. Spring would come around and when I would go to Target I would see these cheap vegetable plants. I would look at them in amazement of how they grew. And I would just passed them by knowing I had not an ounce of space to provide them with the proper life.

I don’t know who I was watching, it must have been Martha Steward or some book I was reading that gave me the idea that growing potted vegetable was for me. So I started off with a pepper plant, cause I love cooking with them. That grew to tomatoes and strawberries. That the neighbor hood kids gladly disappeared the strawberries before the were even plump and ripe.

As the years went by I added more vegetables to my patio garden and now that I live in a house I have a backyard with enough space to grow everything I want including a chicken coop with chickens.


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