Poetry and me!

Writing journal

how may I count the words,
so explicit,
so divine,
a voice beyond the voice,
in the back of my mind,
sometimes rhythmically hummed tunes,
a versus that may only be described,
as the words,
of the words I create in my life,

I’ve never been able to escape,
the four play you generate,
as I designate my thoughts ,
to you,
I confine through my heart,
and glide it with a pen,
describing what I feel,
and can only tell,
threw you,

through the thick and thin,
right and wrong,
I can trace it all back to you,
the lines upon lines,
the story that life rehearses,
the curvy roads,
and many of my good and bad choices,
I’ve written them down,
and still can’t figure out why,
through you my voice is chosen!

By: Kizze’ Talks About…


2 responses to “Poetry and me!

  1. Hi, how sassy and charming your blog is! So full of many interesting things! Thanks for subscribing to my blog, Source of Inspiration. I also love gardening and have a large organic garden as well as more than 25 fruits planted…yum! Hugs, pat

    • Thank you Pat,
      I enjoyed your poem. Yes I indulge in many a topic. I’ve found I love many things, mostly writing. The world is amazing and has filled my mind with many ideas and thoughts. I hope that through this blog I can release those thoughts constructively.

      Smooches Kizze’

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