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No extreme nausea for me

I was just reflecting on how my pregnancy is going. For the most part my pregnancy has been great and I mean that in ever since of the word. Great for me means “no persistent vomiting”. When I was pregnant with my daughter about 10 years ago, I had the worst pregnancy, I could imagine. And there is a name for the crap I had to go through about 7 months out of the 9 months of pregnancy and it is called “Hyperemesis gravidarum.” If you don’t know what that is let me give a little explanation;

Hyperemesis gravidarum (HG) is a severe form of morning sickness, with “unrelenting, excessive pregnancy-related nausea and/or vomiting that prevents adequate intake of food and fluids.” Hyperemesis is considered a rare complication of pregnancy but, because nausea and vomiting during pregnancy exist on a continuum, there is often not a good diagnosis between common morning sickness and hyperemesis. Estimates of the percentage of pregnant women afflicted range from 0.3% to 2.0%.

So for 7 months of my pregnancy I couldn’t really eat or drink because I vomited everything up. The nurses called me around the clock. I was constantly dehydrated and having to go into the doctors so I could be rehydrated by needle. It was a very scary pregnancy. Not only did I have that issue but at about 5 months I was hit with a situation, the doctors thought my daughter might have Down Syndrome or Spina bifida.

Down syndrome is a chromosomal condition characterized by the presence of an extra copy of genetic material on the 21st chromosome, either in whole (trisomy 21) or part (such as due to translocations). The effects and extent of the extra copy vary greatly among people, depending on genetic history, and pure chance. The incidence of Down syndrome is estimated at 1 per 733 births, although it is statistically more common with older parents due to increased mutagenic exposures upon some older parents’ reproductive cells. Other factors may also play a role. Down syndrome occurs in all human populations, and analogous effects have been found in other species such as chimpanzees and mice.

Down syndrome is associated with some impairment of cognitive ability and physical growth, and a particular set of facial characteristics. Individuals with Down syndrome tend to have a lower-than-average cognitive ability, often ranging from mild to moderate disabilities. Many children with Down syndrome who have received family support, enrichment therapies, and tutoring have been known to graduate from high school and college, and enjoy employment in the work force. The average IQ of children with Down syndrome is around 50, compared to normal children with an IQ of 100. A small number have a severe to high degree of intellectual disability.

Spina bifida (Latin: “split spine”) is a developmental congenital disorder caused by the incomplete closing of the embryonic neural tube. Some vertebrae overlying the spinal cord are not fully formed and remain unfused and open. If the opening is large enough, this allows a portion of the spinal cord to protrude through the opening in the bones. There may or may not be a fluid-filled sac surrounding the spinal cord. Other neural tube defects include anencephaly, a condition in which the portion of the neural tube which will become the cerebrum does not close, and encephalocele, which results when other parts of the brain remain unfused.

I had to take a test that they normal give to a woman pregnant and over 35, they gave to me a 21 year old, and the test is called “amniocentesis.” That process in itself was very scary because there was a possibility of miscarriage if I went through with it. And there was also a possibility my child could have one of the two or both.

After making my decision to get the test to find out, me and my fiancé’ had to wait 2 weeks or more to get the results back. It was longest, most heart wrenching 2 weeks of our lives. I think even more so for my fiancé, he was so happy to become a dad, I think his heart broke even before the results.

When the results came back they were negative we were so relived but I was still sick as a dog.

Now that I’m pregnant with twins I can say I was very scared of going through the same thing but two times worst. Fortunately I had a good 3 months of morning sickness and that was it. I may occasionally throw up be nothing as severe as with my first pregnancy.

I’m thankful for that of course, seeing as there are so many other things I have to go through because I’m pregnant with twins. So throwing up every minute I think would have driven me crazy. I appreciate greatly I had someone by my side the entire time with my first pregnancy I don’t know if I could have gotten threw that by myself.







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Bassinets for two please

It’s during the night, I look at the empty space on the side of my bed, now filled with two bassinets and think about the two lives that will occupy them in the next month or so. It’s an unreal feeling to know I will be a parent again. I for so long saw and could only see me and my daughter. I mean almost 10 year later I’m starting over, and with twins no less.

But more than unreal I’m starting to get butterflies, which is pretty darn hard with two babies in my stomach. Every time I see an ultrasound I wonder how do they manage in there, but it’s all just a miracle.

I’ve had to step outside myself and step into a new me to take on this huge responsibility. I know that I have to put them first, whatever selfish parts I had left has gone to them. Now, I’m not perfect, and I have plenty of worry and stress. It’s not easy having to handle this situation on my own, but I have done my best to keep myself together and maintain my household with the child I already have.

So as I look at my babies bassinets, I care nothing more to be here for them, to care for there needs and to hold them when they cry. It’s going to be a total experience around here, new life, new hopes, new possibilities, new noises, new smells (eww)  will lay in those bassinets.

Am I ready for the new adventure? Hell yes, why not! Lots of people are caught up in the adventure of careers and making society happy, but I’m caught up in this adventure called life. I will not let this opportunity slip me by, because there is nothing more rewarding, nothing more worthy, nothing more gracious in Gods eye’s then the making of family.

Life is nothing without people in it and to know life you must not only give yourself to the making of it, but you must be present in the rearing of it (life).

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So, I got a boppy pillow

Boppy body pillowI recently was able to get my hands on a Boppy body pillow (The exact one in the picture). I was so very excited, because I’m needing the extra love and comfort right now. At night when I’m getting ready for sleep it’s like I’m entering a war zone. My bed is uncomfortable, my pillows are solider of the dark side, and my sheets like to fight with me.

So me and my best friend who is also prego, were talking about boppy pillows and how she had so many pillows on her bed to sleep at night, just to be comfortable. She has one under her butt, one between her legs, one under her back, one behind her head, one levitating her feet, and one scooped up under her belly. (Just a little exaggeration humor) But the girl has a lot of pillows.

So we starting talking about the benefits of a Boppy body pillow. How it’s one big pillow, that reaches from head to toe. You can rest your head, stomach and legs on it all at the same time. So after are conversation I think we were both slobbering over the benefits of having one gigantic “husband” like pillow.

Once I got minds I couldn’t wait to try it. I wanted to unwrap it in the car. But of course I waited until I got home after a long day with my mother and daughter shopping. I went straight to the bed after I grabbed myself something to eat. I unwrapped it put it on the bed and got to working it out. For the first hour I kinda wrestled back and forth with it trying to find the right position. The I grew way to tired gave in and just left it however it was and went to sleep.

Threw the night I tossed and turn with it trying to get the position right, I also have another long body pillow to help give me a little more support. So I had the boppy in the front, the body pillow in the back. Then the body in the front the boppy in the back. I can’t remember what I did but I just said freak it somewhere in there, gave in, and went back to sleep “kinda”.

The next day I decided to looked at the packaging because something wasn’t quiet right about this boppy and I could not figure it out. So when I looked at the pictures to my amazement I had placed it wrong. I thought the pillow was versatile enough that I could put it in just about any position and it would be comfortable. But that is simply not true. So when I put it as described on the package I got a little more relief.

That was several days ago. I still struggle with it a little. But once I get it just right I’m pretty happy. It’s very good when I laying in bed and I fold it in half and put it behind me to prop me up. That is one of the most comfortable positions with the boppy.

So all in all I give the Boppy pillow a 3 out of 5.

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Pregnant and dating

Being that I’m pregnant and single I don’t feel that my pregnancy should stop me from dating. I mean with all the stress there is in life I deserve to be able to go out and have some fun especially when my body is up to it. I don’t think I should allow my current state to determine my womanhood. Being that I am a woman and I still have desires.

I feel that it very important to maintain that separateness from being pregnant and being a woman. I still love to go out and enjoy myself, I still enjoy the company of a man, going to social gatherings and mingling. Right now there is a dance class I want to join and I need a partner. Which I think would be a great outlet for me, keep me active while I’m pregnant and keep me social.

There may be only so much I can do but the doesn’t mean I have to just sit alone and wait until the babies come. I think being  happy and enjoying ones self is the best thing you can do when you pregnant.

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Parental Agreement for my unborn babies

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So the deal is I’m pregnant with twins and me and the unborn babies father aren’t together. So I want to do what is best for them. I know how it goes, do little dads come around when they want to and start making demands of what they want and how they want it. So instead of going threw that drama I want to do my best to put together a parental agreement now.

I’ve already pitched the idea but it doesn’t seem to be going over well. I strongly dislike when a person doesn’t take responsibility for the creation of a child beginning to end and put aside their needs. If a person is not going to stick around the woman, then why leave your children hanging in the balance until the last minute?

I would truly like to be civil and handle the situation out of court but I think the other party is forcing my hand. I believe that if I’m not able to get an agreeance now, it will be more difficult once they are born. At this point my main concern is that I’m healthy and supported. I truly do not have time for any person who doesn’t understand the importance of my babies. As this is also a high risk pregnancy, not having what you need by whom you need it can be very stressful.

So now I’m more on just giving up, and understanding that he will not put his children first.


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