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Gardening my life…

Truthful, when it comes to gardening, I’m happy I found it. There are so many ups and downs in life, it came just at the right time. Gardening soothes my worries, if only for the time I’m in my backyard. I can pick weeds forever, it’s almost like picking the weeds out my life.

When I started gardening I wanted to plant every flower, tree and vegetable. But of course plants and seeds cost money. Supplies and soil aren’t that cheap. I had to start small and over these few years I have been able to build my abundance of vegetation.

Even though, I

wanted to plant everything, I had a natural hesitation factor. I started with transplants which were relatively easy. Not to say a plant can’t die because it is already on its way to maturity. I didn’t run into to many problems. But  when I realized that some of the plants I really wanted weren’t transplant worthy or weren’t sold at the stores, I had to look at seeding.

Now, that is where my hesitation came. I didn’t know or understand the first thing about planting seeds in the ground. My logic in it all was to dig a hole in the ground and put in the seed and watch it grow. But that is very untrue and that is where my handy, dandy plant book came in.

Who knew there was a time, depth, and watering process. I just wanted to put the seed in the ground and watch the magic happen. But if I really wanted the satisfaction of having bountiful feast of vegetable life at my table I was going to have to work for it. That to me meant read. And sure enough a few years later, I got it down. But I must say this… It never was very hard for me, it’s like I have this green thumb and I happen to move in an area with a lot of green thumbs. But I have come across many a persons who for what ever reason cant grow a cactus.Aeonium ‘Schwarzkopf’


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Word Seed

Word Seed


You know what I need,

is someone,

who understands me,


the fact that I need,

to germinate my word seed,

my mind is a conglomerate,

of phrases,

unedited grammar,

and some bullshit,

it’s life on my mind,

issues of the times,

that my tongue spit,

I may work in a convoluted process of steps,

sometimes i get in my own way and trip,

but with thoughts abundant,

I’m able to get back up and run shit,

so I need somebody who understands,

I am,

who I am!

By: Kizzewrites

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