Twins and Me!

I’m a 31 yr old single mother of an 8 yr. old girl, expecting TWINS Feb. 12, 2002. I’ll be chronicling my journey.

When I had my daughter almost 9 years ago, I didn’t have the worry of doing every thing on my own. I had the support of her father. Now that this situation is different and will be going through this without the father, I’m a bit disheartened but excited at the same time. I’m even more so emotional because there are twins and to be able to lean on your partner doing these times is very much needed.

To not have that support now… with two. Well lets just say I can only take it a day at a time. Every day I breathe I thank God for such a wondrous gift, one that I will not take for granted. I know there will be struggles ahead but there will also be joys.

So as I go threw this journey my mind writes as my fingers type a new chapter in my life.


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