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A is for…

A word of the day:35-face-angry
an·ger [ang-ger] noun
1. A strong feeling of displeasure and belligerence aroused by a wrong; wrath.

Unusual word of the day: getty_rf_photo_of_pregnant_woman_eating_icecream
accubation: The practice of eating or drinking while lying down

Now that I am  in my third trimester accubation seems the only way I will  get a good meal in.

A baby name:



Origin: African

Meaning of the name Aaliyah :To rise


A place in the world:

Athens                               image

A website:


I have loved this website since the beginning.


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Ur loss, baby!

So, I’m having a baby. Which I’m very happy about. I have a little girl who is 8 and she has wanted a sibling for a while.

The difference this time is I will be doing it alone. Which is the sad part. I of course wanted to be in the situation where the father was there. But unfortunately after 4 years in a relationship with the man I am now pregnant by, I realized he doesn’t want to have responsibility and a family.

I’m not mad. I just figure it is his loss as I know that me and my unborn child are worth the love and happiness. Now I can only focus on the beautiful bundle of joy that awaits me in 6 months. And although things in life don’t go as you plan, I’m sure God will grant me the true family I desire in time.

I have to say, I am very appreciative of my mother as I go through this journey. She is very positive about the situation. I told her I’m going to be breaking the “curse” she put on her children. She had three kids and we all had only one child of our own. So I am the only one left to be able to have a child. So it is very exciting for us. I know this baby will be loved extremely.

So, I say to the father, it’s your loss!


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News: Palin’s emails released in bulk

Sarah Palin addressing the Republican National...

Image via Wikipedia

After the much long-awaited release, Sarah Palin‘s emails are here. Journalist and news crews awaited the boxes upon boxes of the 25,000 emails at the state administrative building in Juneau this Friday.

It is beginning said that the emails show Palin’s hard work as Governor of Alaska during her term for 2006-2008.

The documents are being scanned by Times Data Desk to have them available online for all to view.

Read more about: Palin’s emails

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If I had a dollar for every weiner scandal…

A hot dog.

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If I had a dollar for every politician who stuck his wiener down the wrong hole, I could afford to run myself.

Before a man is a politician, he is a man. Although we as Americans think that politicians are going to be these saint like, money-saving, for the people individuals. In the end there only out for themselves.

We have to be realistic. We can’t keep going against the current that the tide is pushing. For whatever reason these people run for office knowing they have these secrets they don’t want anybody to know about, then they lie when it comes out, then they apologize when evidence is shown. Then they beg and in the end we forgive them. Sounds like a relationship to me.

So I’m not taking up for the man, but sometimes I think people do things just so they can be caught, cause other wise they would keep doing it even though they know it’s wrong. Some people have to be forced to stop and one of the people is Weiner.

I mean months ago there was a Twitter group warning people about Weiner’s wiener.

To read more: Report: Twitter group warned girls about Weiner


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News: Ex-Boyfriend puts up Abortion Billboard.

In New Mexico a man bashes ex-girlfriend in her decision to have an abortion. Mr. Fultz, 35 years-old put up a billboard depicting him and a 2 month old baby. Words on the sign saying “”This Would Have Been A Picture Of My 2-Month Old Baby If The Mother Had Decided To Not KILL Our Child!”

The ex-girlfriend wants the sign down. They have taken it all the way to court. She feels the sign invades her privacy. Mr. Fultz feels it his right to free speech.

In my opinion is he has missed the big picture. The situation shouldn’t have found its way on a billboard. Now if we look a bit deeper, this situation has little to do with the abortion and more to do with communication.

Why, I must ask, if the abortion is true did the woman feel she needed to do it? I have great views on abortion. But I think in this situation you can clearly see that lack of communication. How does the billboard make the situation better? The baby is no longer and now they are in court.

Please, in this day and age can we find some common sense. Is nothing private?

Just to be fair, I understand the hurt that one must have when a baby is lost, but we must look within in ourselves to find why a situation like this might happen. So now that the billboard is up does the man think it will bring the baby back. I think it displays his lack of maturity and maybe an underlined reason why the woman decided to have an abortion.

I don’t think he will be having any babies soon.

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